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1)I like chocolate and sour candies
2)love music, not noise
3)really don't care for assholes
4)fave colors are black,green,purple,&blue
5)I actually don't like red(or pink)
6) random mood swings seem to be part of my character, too

Current Residence: my own little world
deviantWEAR sizing preference: ???
Print preference: ???
Favourite genre of music: Rock, Pop, J-pop
Favourite photographer: My grandma, Anne Geddes
Favourite style of art: Manga
Operating System: A Dell frankomputer, and the mac at school
MP3 player of choice: Zen?
Shell of choice: the one you get of the beach
Wallpaper of choice: huh?
Skin of choice: my own, thank you
Favourite cartoon character: Too many
Personal Quote: Meow!!/Bite me!
*possible spoilers*
I've noticed something about steven universe in the last few weeks. Starting with the seasons as a whole.
-season 1 was about introducing all the characters that are directly affected by steven the gems as well as him discovering his powers
-season 2 calls the gems on their B.S. and explains why they act the way they do.
-Pearl really loved Rose, (like Neptune and Uranus From sailor moon loved) which is why she can't stand steven's dad, because she blames him for her death. Also explains her hatred of lion, because how dare anyone else know more about Rose than her
-Amethyst thought of rose like a mother. She was made sometime nearing the end of the war which is why she wasn't involved, but she was probably being trained to fight in the war before it ended, which kind of explains her loose cannon attitude. When Rose died she coped by spending all of her time with the person rose loved most, Steven's Dad (who's name escapes me right now.)
-Steven's dad took Rose's death the hardest because she was love of his life. He and Amethyst spent so much time together because she would transform into Rose for him and they sort of licked each other's wounds.
- Steven was probably outright rejected by his family when he was born, and was therefore neglected for a few years. But someone had to have been taking care of him.
-Garnet was probably the most stable after losing Rose, since Ruby and Sapphire had each other to lean on, so she might have been taking care of Steve before his dad got back on his feet. After that, the gems wanted nothing to do with hime until he was older.
-Lapis Lazuli was probably stuck in that mirror kin before the war started. She may have been put there by the home world gems, which is why nobody bothered to try and take her out. They may not have known.
-Could Rose be royalty on homeworld? Or at least someone of high standing, which is why her actions would be considered treason, and why she managed to have an army for war at the time, which would make Steven royal too, and also explain why lion exists (he even bows)
-The unfamiliar familiar is The Golden Compass. I've never even read the series and i know that.
-Amethyst had a thing for Greg. She either wanted him or wanted to be him but she was way too comfortable transforming into Rose for him. Plus, you her hair was shorter before she met him, and afterwards she grew her hair out to match his.
-Ronald was right. In the midst of all his crazy conspiracy theories he realized that the gems from homeworld were coming to hollow out the earth.
((--bonus thought: could those gem virus machines affect human DNA. rather than just growing gems, it could convert the existing human population, and Connie could end up a successful test subject and be a new gem.))

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